Cat in South Korea Receives COVID-19 Vaccine Before Majority of US Teachers

WORLD — A cat in Seoul, South Korea has received the first COVID-19 vaccine inoculation intended for cats, marking a major victory in the fight against the pandemic. “She’s really happy,” Sun Yoo-mi, 35, a health care worker and proud cat owner wrote in an elated Facebook post, “Now both of us are vaccinated and happy. Thank you, South Korea!” Conversely, teachers in the United States are still waiting on their doses. Teachers in the US have been given the designation of “frontline essential workers” which allows them the opportunity to be vaccinated before most of the total population, but they’re saying that vaccines still aren’t coming fast enough. “How the fuck am I supposed to see a cat in South Korea get vaccinated and still be over here getting yelled at by shitty parents about teaching their shitty fucking kids?” Arthur Milroy, 38, a high school chemistry teacher in Illinois wrote in a blog post, “That cat is cute though. I am happy for the cat.” Most teachers have expressed their annoyance at how slow the process of getting them vaccinated is moving, but they have unanimously expressed how happy they are for the cats. “The cat is cute as hell” Molly Trembold, 40, a middle school geography teacher in Washington commented on Milroy’s blog post, “I would happily die in place of that cat. I don’t want that cat to ever have to worry about anything ever.” The US government has reported that they have heard the complaints of teachers and decided to add cats to the list of frontline essential workers next in line to receive the vaccine.