Cemetery Filled with Dead Bodies Nicest Park in Area

Pictured: A young family making the best of a picnic surrounded by loss.

CHICAGO, IL — Residents living near Sunny Park Cemetery are happy to have easy access to one of the rare outdoor areas in the city, but the fact that it’s almost always full of grieving families and dead bodies has become an issue for some. “We were trying to have a picnic the other day and this funeral procession just like, swarmed and happened around us,” Dani Brussels, 33, said during a phone interview, “They’re rude too, if you’re like, dancing or playing frisbee or whatever on top of the grave that they need to use. They’re babies.” Sunny Park Cemetery is the only decent public outdoor space for miles, making it difficult for locals to separate the experience of losing a loved one from just being outside. In addition to the conflict of interest between living individuals, the ground being rotten with deceased human flesh has also become a point of frustration. “I want to go to a park where there aren’t dead bodies everywhere,” Brussels continued, “but I guess that’s too much to ask these days.” Groundskeepers for the area confirmed that the problem has only gotten worse since the COVID-19 pandemic, but there is a baseball diamond, like, two and a half miles away where people could sit or jog instead.



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