Coronavirus Officially Renewed for Eighth Season

UNITED STATES — Coronavirus seemed to be coming to an end after the pooling of resources to expedite the production of a safe and effective vaccine showed itself to be a tremendous series finale, but US citizens were surprised to learn that the break-out hit COVID-19 will continue for its eighth season.

“I started paying attention to COVID-19 when I lost my job in March of last year because our country went into lockdown,” Mark Clinton, 33, said in an on-the-street style interview, “I’m getting pretty tired of it, to be honest, but apparently there are some people who like it and want it to keep going.”

The first case of Coronavirus was reported during winter in Wuhan, China on December 31, 2019. This coming fall will mark the eighth season that the virus has been affecting daily life and killing millions of people around the world.

The US has stated that even though there is a vaccine, people need to use it for it to be effective. Large groups of people have refused to take the vaccine, causing COVID-19 to continue way past the point that most people want.

“We don’t see it ending anytime soon,” a representative from the CDC said during a press conference Friday, “It could be around for way more seasons. It’s going to be like The Simpsons out here, except bad because The Simpsons are great. I’m just saying they have a lot of seasons. It’s confusing that we’re using seasons as the measurement of time.”

Some major stars of Coronavirus will be returning for the eighth season including Disgraced Former President Donald Trump and the My Pillow guy, Mike Lindell. However, a considerable number of them will not be returning because they are dead.