Couple Only Talk In Pet’s Voice Now

Carissa Chambers, 25, spends time with the third member of her relationship, Button.

SEATTLE, WA — Carissa Chambers, 25, and Mark Lambert, 30, have been together for three years, and they say they’ve cracked the secret to a successful relationship. “We have an orange cat named Button, and we do a little voice for him,” Chambers reported in a recent Facebook post. Button, a seven-month-old domestic short hair, apparently sounds like the couple’s normal voices, only higher and with a lisp. “I don’t know what we were doing before we got Button,” Lambert commented on the post, “We used to just argue in our normal voices. Now we talk shit to each other through Button’s voice, and it doesn’t feel like we’re fighting.” However, the couple admitted that constantly speaking in their cat’s voice has created some of its own issues. “I do feel like we’re kind of stupid sometimes,” said Chambers in a comment on her original post, “We are definitely having less sex because of it.” Chambers and Lambert shared that they are in the market to adopt a second cat. “It would be good for Button to have a friend, and I think having two voices in the house would make it easier for Carissa and I to fight,” commented Lambert, “right now it’s like Button is talking to himself, so if we got another cat in here then I would really be able to let Carissa hear how I might talk to her if I had more confidence.” Since the post, the couple has announced they are getting engaged. It is unclear at this time whether or not the proposal was carried out in Button’s voice.



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