Dad Wears Captain America T-Shirt

Pictured: Dad wearing a Captain America shirt like he’s Captain America for being a dad.
Pictured: Dad wearing a Captain America shirt like he’s Captain America of being a dad.

UNITED STATES — The family and friends of Darrell Waters, 36, have been concerned lately that the father of two children under ten years old is entering into a phase of fatherhood that is closely associated with constantly wearing a Captain America t-shirt. “He wears that blue t-shirt with the dumb shield on it every day,” Melinda Waters, 38, Darrell’s sister reportedly texted other members of their family, “I get it if there was like a popular Captain America movie in theaters right now or something, but it’s like he thinks he is Captain America just because he’s a dad and he’s wearing that shirt.” In recent decades, the number of men aged 20–40 wearing Captain America t-shirts as if it’s just a cool, normal thing to wear once one takes on the responsibilities for fatherhood has skyrocketed. However, kids seem to enjoy it, which makes the situation nothing more than a minor annoyance for all the other adults in Waters’ life. “I saw a $99 replica model of the Captain America shield in his Amazon shopping cart. We share a Prime account,” his sister continued, “if I see that dumb ass shield on display in their house next time I come over, I’m telling his wife how much it cost and shutting this shit right down.” Experts agree that for however long television and film production companies milk the Captain America franchise, dads will be wearing that trademark t-shirt with a shield on it.