Hanging Up Picture Frame Causes Unbelievable Damage to Apartment

Pictured: A wall, completely incapable of holding a painting or plant or anything.

UNITED STATES — Bethany O’Neil, 28, reportedly caused an unbelievable amount of damage to her apartment when she attempted to simply hang up a picture frame. “I couldn’t believe it. I pretty much ripped the whole wall out and I messed up the kitchen table too,” O’Neil told her boyfriend, who confessed that he would have done the same thing, “I got it up, though, which was good.” The young marketing professional used her only day off work this week to frame and hang up a painting. She purchased a picture frame that needed to be altered because it was the closest size to the one that she needed that she could find at Target. She used razor blades to alter the frame’s size and ended up accidentally slicing into their recently restored kitchen table on multiple attempts, completely ruining the finish. Once the painting was in the frame, O’Neil reportedly hammered approximately ten holes into the wall before finding a nail arrangement that worked with everything else on the wall and held the frame level. “This wall sucks,” O’Neil continued, transferring blame onto the wall, “As soon as I got the thing up, the nails just fell out.” The painting soon fell out of the wall, which has been described by past tenants as being “made of flour,” and shattered the glass inside of it upon impact. Toothpaste and a mixture of flour and water were used to temporarily patch the large holes that were left in the wake of the accident. The couple has decided to just kind of lean the painting against the wall without a frame for the foreseeable future.