“I Got Your Smell Training Right Here” America’s Uncles Respond to COVID-19 Recovery Technique

Pictured: Mark Connor, 60, smiling because he farted.

UNITED STATES — Scientists are recommending “smell training” for individuals experiencing anosmia (loss of sense of smell) due to Coronavirus, but many people around the world are reportedly incapable of maturely taking part in the simple and side-effect free exercise. “I got your smell training right here,” Mark Connor, 60, a father of two children and uncle of six told his wife Brenda Connor, 59, before farting on her shoulder in their shared home, “Can you smell that?” Brenda recently recovered from COVID-19 and has since lost her ability to smell most odors. However, she was able to hear and faintly recognize the smell of her husband’s patented gas. Brenda reportedly laughed and informed her husband that she had accidentally farted when speaking with her doctor about the exercise and made pretty much the same joke. Sources maintain that Brenda’s fart, though equally as funny as her husband’s, was in fact an accident. Uncles across the United States, both biological and family friends, are now farting on or next to people who are recovering from COVID-19. Scientists maintain that although smelling farts can help with smell training to some degree, it is too intense of an odor to begin the exercise and that individuals should spend plenty of time working up to smelling their uncle’s farts.



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