Lake Gets Ready for Another Summer Being Mostly Piss and Shit

Pictured: Lake Dunny, eagerly returning to normal levels of piss and shit as pandemic restrictions loosen.

UNITED STATES — Locals of the Midwestern area surrounding Lake Dunny are eagerly expecting the popular vacation site to return to its former levels of piss and shit this summer. “The lake was straight piss and shit the summer before the pandemic,” Morgan Furlow, 40, a park ranger stationed near Lake Dunny told local news, “It was practically clear during the pandemic, and that was weird. The fish have adapted to live off human waste at this point so I’m sure the ecosystem is excited to have piss and shit levels return to normal.” As pandemic restrictions begin loosening around the world, many tourist destinations are starting to see large group activity sizes return to normal. Lake Dunny was under strict lockdown during 2020, primarily because of its high volume of piss and shit which led to a higher likelihood of transmitting Coronavirus. “Now that everyone’s vaccinated, I feel like the piss and shit thing isn’t a big deal anymore,” Furlow continued, “The lake is open!” Lake Dunny is located near a water treatment facility on the border of three beautiful Midwestern states, only a couple of hours from six high-end fast-food restaurants. The lake is open to visitors from 6 am - 11 pm every day, and of course, visitors and their pets are allowed to piss and shit wherever they want.

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