Life Returns to Some Semblance of Annoying

Pictured: Woman considering whether or not she should go to a bar.

WORLD — As pandemic restrictions in many areas of the world begin to lift, and crowds start entering back into physical society, some people are saying that one returning feeling is all too familiar. “I’m already so tired of hearing about peoples’ shows,” Melinda Dunwald, 27, posted on Facebook, “All of my social media just became annoying again.” Citizens around the globe experienced a certain level of profound stillness during the pandemic that allowed them to focus on the more basic pleasures in life besides constantly pining for the attention of others and hustling for money in every corner of their existence. “There was a little window of time there where everyone’s social media wasn’t just a constant advertisement for their life,” Dunwald continued in a lengthy Facebook post to middling praise, “and there weren’t as many people out and about, but now people are back in my fucking face all the time. I hate it.” Workers throughout many western countries are finding that returning to work is unnecessary and they would actually prefer to never leave their houses again. As life moves closer to some semblance of normalcy, scientists are predicting that many people could find themselves feeling four or five times more annoyed than before the pandemic began.



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