Local Band Practice Decides to Bring This Party Outside

CHICAGO, IL — Residents near the Southport brown line stop in Lakeview received a special treat on Wednesday morning in addition to the punishingly loud train schedule they endure every day. “I thought someone was listening to music in a car really loud,” Dana Murphy, 53, told the press, “but then I saw some kids and a guy my age hitting a drum set and some bells or whatever else, and I had to go back inside. It’s a shame too because it’s such a nice day out.” The band, Monkey Dong, which is composed of bassist Tyler Garrett, 23, guitarist Tyler Barrett, 24, drummer Keaton Donovan, 22, and marimba player Tyler Peterson, 55, was practicing in their shared four-bedroom duplex when they came up with the idea to play outside. “I turned to Tyler and I said, ‘let’s take this party outside,’ and then we went outside,” Peterson told press covering the event, “It takes all four of us to lift my gigantic marimba and move it, but we made it work.” The band reportedly ‘messed around’ for thirty minutes while Donovan kept a relatively steady drumbeat. Witnesses of the event say that there was approximately 0–5 people watching the band perform at any given moment. At one point, Peterson and Donovan traded instruments, only to trade back seconds later. “I think we definitely got some new followers on SoundCloud,” Peterson, admittedly a ‘Craig’s List ad’ roommate choice, said when we asked one of the other Tylers how the show was received. Monkey Dong is scheduled to break up once Tyler Peterson moves out of the duplex at the end of this year’s lease period.




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