Local Mom Voted for Trump Twice but Doesn’t Want to Fight About It Right Now

CHICAGO, IL — Debbie Adams, 57, told her son on Saturday that she voted for Donald Trump in the most recent US presidential election. “I was talking about how good it felt to not have Trump around and I noticed she wasn’t saying anything,” Mark, 30, Adams’ son, wrote on Reddit, “Then she talked about how Biden is a little too extreme for her, and then I realized what was going on.” The mother of two and registered nurse defended her actions by stating that the only political subject that matters to her is voting republican. “I would have voted democrat, sure, I could have voted democrat all day, but they aren’t republicans, and I vote republican,” Adams explained to her son over a phone call which allowed Mark to hide his confused expression, “I’m not voting for Trump, I’m voting republican,” she finished. “But you are voting for Trump… because you’re voting for Trump,” Mark explained. “I don’t want to fight about this right now,” Debbie responded and changed the subject to the fact that she recently watched the Christopher Robin movie and liked it. Debbie expressed in a text message that she felt picked on by her son and she wishes he would stop ‘kicking her in the knees’ about stuff like this all the time.




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