Local Woman Delays Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine Because She Does Not Want to Hang Out

Pictured: Natasha Locke, 27, smiling because she does not have to hang out with anyone.

CHICAGO, IL — Natasha Locke, 27, has been telling her friends for months that she is ‘ineligible’ to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, but she is unsure how long it will last. “I could probably get it by now,” Locke told her boyfriend when he asked if she would like to make an appointment to get vaccinated together, “but I just really love having an excuse to not hang out with anybody.” Most cities in the United States are still under some form of Coronavirus pandemic restrictions, and many citizens reportedly feel uncomfortable interacting with their unvaccinated neighbors. Locke’s job has designated her as an ‘essential worker’ which means that she could potentially receive the vaccine. However, she does not currently wish to find out. “I couldn’t wait for things to reopen when all of this started,” Locke continued, “but now, I don’t know, I’ve just gotten so used to using it as an excuse to not see people for so long that I don’t want to think of a new excuse.” Locke is in the lowest danger category of people who could become infected with the virus, but she does still pose the threat of transmitting it to others as a carrier. Sources close to Locke have reported that her friends have not pressed her for more information, even though they’re pretty sure she can the vaccine by now.



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