Local Woman on NextDoor App Really Living for The Drama Lately

Pictured: Catherine Modenaro living for the drama.

UNITED STATES — Catherine Modenaro, 35, regularly posts on the local community building app NextDoor, which works as a social media channel for people within a certain mile radius of each other, but recently her neighbors say that she has been living for the drama. “She’s big-time living for the drama right now,” Donny Baker, 29, Modenaro’s neighbor, reported in an interview, “She used to just post about, like, wanting to sell stuff or seeing if anyone wants to hang out and smoke weed, but lately she’s been coming at certain individuals.” Modenaro posted about a woman walking a dog without a leash, a man who looked like a terrorist because he was talking on his phone too loudly, teenagers who looked suspicious because it was too early in the day for them to be outside, and a barista who took too long to make her drink, all within roughly three or four hours of each other. “Someone needs to post about her because that bitch is out of control,” Baker continued, “I love it though.” Modenaro has been quiet on the app for a couple of hours, but sources close to her say that she probably fell asleep from day drinking and will be back at it when she wakes up. A group with 112 members is now dedicated to discussing how weird she is and contacting her roommate to do something about it if the situation escalates in a way that isn’t as funny or entertaining anymore.




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