Long-Awaited Kanye West Album Takes About 20 Minutes to Scrub Through

Pictured: Cover art for West’s long-awaited Donda, I think, even though there are two other covers, but I guess those aren’t the covers? It’s this one now. It’s a black square. Not the other two covers. Or maybe it’s not. I don’t know. I could only spend about 20 minutes listening to and researching it before I got bored and wanted to watch a 9/11 documentary. Great documentary.

MUSIC — Donda is the tenth studio album released by the multitalented Kanye West, and after a year of delays and listening parties the collection of 27 songs finally became available to fans this weekend, but many listeners believe the hype surrounding it may have grown too high.

“It took like 20 minutes to scrub through,” Denver Michaels, 30, a lifelong Kanye fan, said in a post online, “I don’t think I listened to a full song before I got to the end. Then I watched a 9/11 documentary which was super interesting. Great documentary.”

The messy, overly self-indulgent, and repetitive almost two hours of new music from the Grammy Award-winning artist mostly consists of Kanye just kind of crooning about his life and God while hundreds of unnamed featured artists do their best to fit into his vision. The back half of the album contains numerous ‘part 2’ tracks that are continuations of previous tracks, but ultimately feel redundant and unnecessary.

Although the listening parties for the album were sold out, it has been widely contested that there is no way they were worth the $300 price of admission.

“If I paid $300 to listen to this shit around a bunch of people with COVID, while Kanye walked around or lifted weights or sat next to a rapist or something on stage, I would have been pissed,” Michaels continued, “The “Donda Chant” in the beginning is so boring but I was like, okay, I get it, the album is called Donda, then “Jail” started and I was like okay this is showing promise, but then it just builds forever and never goes anywhere. The rest of the album is like that. Just a bunch of intros and interludes to the same songs that never go anywhere. Still love it, though, I guess. “Believe What I Say” is good. I don’t know. The older I get, the more I lose faith in Kanye, much like my faith in God, so maybe that’s the point? It probably isn’t. Never mind, Kanye sucks.”

West maintains that Universal released the album without his permission. Many fans have stated that they do not care.

Spotify released data indicating that most people listened to the album for roughly 20 minutes, scrubbing around to different parts, before changing to an album by a different artist that they’ve listened to hundreds of times.

Donda and a lot of other albums are available on all streaming platforms now.