MacBook Charger Really Turning Yellow

Pictured: A MacBook charger that has either turned yellow due to a manufacturing error by Apple, or its owner soaking it in urine and chardonnay.

UNITED STATES — Elena Marx, 29, has owned the same MacBook Air laptop for seven years, and she recently posted a photo of its charging cord online, the color of which sparked some concern from many of her friends and family. “That thing is really turning yellow, huh,” her brother Danny Marx, 33, commented on the photo, “Did you pee on it?” The charging cord, once white, now appears to have a sickly yellow hue, similar to the color of vomit or urine. Experts agree that Elena either spilled bodily fluids on it, or beer, or chardonnay, or she’s just generally a dirty person. “That’s the color we tell parents not to paint their baby’s room because it’ll make them cry,” Maggie Potter, 35, a parenthood writer and Elena Marx’s older brother’s friend, commented on the photo, “I don’t know how you can look at that and not want to cry.” Marx has denied being a “dirty person” and suggested that pushing energy through the cord while using it so much over the last seven years caused it to turn yellow. Apple’s social media team responded directly to the post stating that her suggestion was “dumb” and that her “dirty ass needs to check itself.” The surprisingly informal tone and word choice of Apple’s response were seen as a daring move by Marx’s friends and family, who ultimately regarded it as a cool online persona, garnering the tech giant a few more followers out of the exchange. Marx has made plans to get the battery changed in her MacBook, but there are no new developments regarding whether she will buy a charger that doesn’t look like it was soaked in the urine of its owner.