NASA Announces Venus Summer Tour Dates

Pictured: Venus, hot with anticipation for the upcoming NASA tour.

SPACE — After months of being unable to tour, NASA has announced a new set of dates which includes two shows on the planet Venus. “We’re stoked to perform on Venus because it’s an awesome place and we haven’t been there since the nineties,” Winona Dylan, 40, told journalists during the tour press announcement, “I know we got some fans there, so I think the shows are going to be a lot of fun.” The tour is set to span multiple planets in our solar system and will begin with 90 weekends on Mars. NASA has stated that Mars is their favorite place to perform and will make for the perfect planet to kick off the tour. NASA’s performances involve a spectacle of ecological testing and electrifying study of the atmosphere with unmanned space crafts. “Japan and Europe have been there since the last time we were there, and they said it was just one big party,” Dylan continued after lighting a cigarette inside of the closed meeting room, “I think this tour is going to get messy and that’s exactly what we like.” Merchandise and tickets for the tour are available on NASA’s website. The space exploration behemoth has stated that Earth will be on the next leg of the tour and to stop DMing them about dates on Earth.



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