Nation Can’t Remember if Golden Globes Was Like This Last Year or Not

UNITED STATES — The Golden Globes trudged its way through another year of parading well dressed and relevant film industry workers in front of the general public, but this year it was carried out according to COVID-19 guidelines with most of the people involved in the ceremony live streaming their speeches from different locations. The set up was familiar to American citizens who have now spent a full year confined by COVID-19 restrictions, but many viewers could not remember if this year’s Golden Globes ceremony was similar to last year. “Was it like this last year? I genuinely don’t remember,” one commenter wrote on the live stream of the event. “I think it was cancelled last year, but I don’t remember either. I usually push it out of my brain the moment it’s over or I fall asleep or whatever,” another commenter responded. Event officials did not respond when I asked them to describe what the event was like last year. “I mean, I was going to say this is a really unique year for the Golden Globes, but I don’t know if it is. Was it like this last year?” my editor asked me, prompting the creation of this article, “Write about that.” I did not watch the Golden Globes, or do virtually any research, but sources have indicated that notable winners from every year of the Golden Globes are listed somewhere online.




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