Stock Image of Doctor Shrugging Wins Photo of the Year

Pictured: Winning submission for the Photo Enrollment Network for International Society’s Photo of the Year competition.

WORLD — In a competition put on each year by the Photo Enrollment Network for International Society (PENIS), a stock image of a doctor shrugging has won Photo of the Year. “It’s funny,” said Virginia Bathurst, 68, one of the top judges for the globally recognized competition for the last 40 years said during an interview after the announcement, “and that’s all I really care about, honestly. I didn’t need to see another photo after I saw this one. Plus, the whole COVID-19 thing kind of makes it work. I don’t know. I don’t really care anymore. It’s just funny.” PENIS began hosting a Photo of the Year contest in 1911 and has curated a wide array of pop culture encapsulating images that capture the globe’s attention every year. The stock image of a doctor shrugging is considered one of the strongest winners of the last decade. “The fact that it’s a stock image is so funny too,” Bathurst continued, “Like, it’s such a who gives a shit submission, but with a kind of serious meaning because it’s a doctor. So funny. I love it. It still makes me laugh. Ha-ha.” Runner-up images for PENIS’s Photo of the Year included a screen capture image of that part in the Matrix Resurrections trailer when Keanu Reeves has a rubber ducky on his head and Jeff Bezos’s Facebook profile photo. PENIS has launched the careers of thousands of photographers during its existence and accepts submissions for its annual Photo of the Year competition all year round.




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