Study Finds People Who Like Fireworks Don’t Care How You Feel About It

UNITED STATES — As the fourth of July draws near, the echo of firework explosions can be heard throughout most American streets. However, some citizens are not excited to withstand another year of this tradition which has been happening annually for the past few centuries.

“I was literally almost in tears the other night,” Melissa Delgado, 24, a woman who most people in her neighborhood refer to as “difficult” posted to one of her social media accounts, “I have PTSD from when my dog passed away when I was 11, and fireworks are very triggering for me for no specific reason, so I think it’s just awful that people who shoot off fireworks around the fourth of July are this insensitive towards people who don’t like fireworks.”

A study put together by Florida State University which worked with a sample size of 2,000 people found that everyone who likes using fireworks around the fourth of July does not care how other people feel about it.

“It’s fireworks during the firework holiday,” Matt Kim, 35, a father of two, reportedly wrote in the margin of the survey, “It makes complete sense why there are fireworks going off. Most of them are kids anyway. That nosey bitch Melissa needs to mind her business and deal with it.”

While fireworks are outlawed in many states and can be extremely startling, annoying, and dangerous for animals and humans, especially late at night, people who use fireworks on the fourth of July enjoy a sort of “Purge” like immunity from rules that normally govern firework usage. According to the study, it seems if people continue living around other people, fireworks are going to occasionally go off and people are going to need to deal with it. Luckily social media has provided an outlet for people to complain about the problem to essentially an empty room and feel like their opinions have been heard.



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