Want to Feel Old? The Cast of Stranger Things Was Involved in The Insurrection Attempt at The US Capitol

Pictured: Millie Bobby Brown posing with a noose that she rigged in front of the US capitol building moments earlier.

WASHINGTON D.C. — Stranger Things, the horror thriller mystery science fiction Netflix series that captured the America’s heart with its first season airing in 2016, was once known for its colorful cast of bright-eyed youths but is now known for domestic terrorism. “Donald Trump is the right proper president, and I intend to keep it that way,” Millie Bobby Brown, 16, told her followers on Instagram as she live streamed herself breaking a window to enter the capitol building on January 6th. Brown played the role of Eleven in the hit series, a bald girl with the power to make her nose bleed on command, and some say that her rise to fame has caused her to lose touch with reality. “Shane Dawson told me that Joe Biden is a hypocrite,” Brown continued to her confused followers, the majority of whom simply commented heart emojis throughout the two-hour live stream. The video shows Brown utilizing her character’s power of nose bleeding by getting a nosebleed after she is struck in the face by an American flag thrown into the crowd by a police officer. Also involved in the failed insurrection attempt on the capitol was Finn Wolfhard, 18, who played the little boy version of Winona Ryder throughout each season of Stranger Things. Friends close to Wolfhard have reported that his behavior was most likely part of a video for his prank YouTube channel. Other cast members present at the insurrection include Noah Schnapp (Will), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), David Harbour (Jim), Natalia Dyer (Nancy), and Joe Keery (Steve). Caleb McLaughlin, 19, famous for playing Lucas Sinclair, was invited to participate with his coworkers, but declined stating, “It sounds dumb.” The producers of Stranger Things have released an official statement on Twitter about the incident that reads, “You’re all still going to watch the show, so who cares?” Winona Ryder was unaccounted for during the incident and could not be reached for questioning.



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