Woman Playing on Playground “Not Weird”

Samantha Baker, 35, swings like no one is watching.

CHICAGO, IL — Patrons of Juniper Playlot Park in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago confirmed that 35-year-old Samantha Baker, who was seen swinging on the playground, is not weird. “She’s just blowing off steam,” reported mother of three and frequenter of the park, Shondra Delph, “She was alone, which could be considered ‘weird’ at a park for children, but I think she probably had a bad day at work or something.” Baker, a local real estate agent, reportedly threw away an empty mango White Claw, took off her shoes and walked across the wood chips towards the crowded swing set around 6pm. “There were like five kids playing on that swing set and she just sat down like they weren’t there,” reported a man who requested to remain anonymous, “I’ve thought about doing it so many times, but I’m a guy and that would be weird.” Baker swung and looked at her phone for an hour before jumping off and cutting her foot on wood chips, causing her to mutter expletives. No children were reported to have heard the expletives, and witnesses understood the outburst because it looked like it hurt. Baker is expected to show three apartments in the area to the Delph family tomorrow afternoon.



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